Chakati Oval Cushion

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The OVAL CHAKATI cushion in its plain version easily harmonizes with your interior decoration. Handmade by craftsmen in Nepal, this half firm and half soft pebbled-shaped cushion allows you to sit down to read comfortably or simply to sit on the floor. Its synthetic foam filling, covered with felt, will ensure it regains its original shape back in the blink of the eye.

Size : 25 x 40 cm

Material : Felt & synthetic fiber padding


We advise you to vacuum your rug regularly, taking care to remove the brush.

When the rug is new, you have to vacuum it up more often during the first three or four weeks in order to eliminate the excess wool related to its manufacture. 

For other objects, you can also aspirate them from time to time if you feel this is necessary.


In the case of frequent passage or friction, small bales of wool may form. Remove them by gently pulling them aside (never from bottom to top!). For the more resistant, use a pair of scissors and trim at the base..  


To revive the colours or remove dirt on the surface, use white vinegar by applying it with a sprayer and a damp sponge.

It is also a good way to keep moths away even if felt is not their priority!


To remodel a felt object or remove the folds, for example on receipt of your order, and restore it to its original shape, use the steam of an iron or a steamer to release the fibers. The felt does not fear the heat of the steam, you will not damage it.