Felted Scarf

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I have been obsessing over these scarves for YEARS.  They are handfelted by a talented friend of mine in Winnipeg.  Her incredible selection of colours and shapes BLOWS my mind every time she creates.  When she approached us about a Beige & White combo we were DELIGHTED!

Introducing a Lofty x Margaret Jane oversized Triangle Scarf

This scarf is made by felting 100% Merino Wool roving onto a light, woven, cotton fabric. The scarf is light and soft, and will keep you warm and cozy.

Each one is a triangle shape that measures about 52-54” across the longest side, and 19-21” down to the point. Because the shrinkage from felting is a bit unpredictable, each scarf is one of a kind. She finishes these scarves in the dryer, so they have this incredible nubbly texture. 

This scarf is made with a lot of love, and also a lot of vigor. So you don’t need to be super delicate with it. When you need to wash it, do so by hand with a mild, clear, wool-friendly soap, squeeze out all the water and lay flat, or hang to dry. You may need to stretch it a little in places to bring it back to its original shape. You can give it an iron if you like, but do not put it in the dryer, or you will end up with a much smaller, stiffer scarf.