Cuddy's BBQ Rub

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Smokey, Spicy, Sweet and Salty

You won't regret adding this 2.5 oz bag of Cuddy's Bbq rub to your cart! Essentially we use it on basically anything we bbq and anything that may need some smoke flavour or some sweetness.

Ingredients: Salt, sugar, dried herbs & spices, dehydrated vegetables (onions/garlic), nutritional yeast, monosodium glutamate


Sean's go to recipe:


Toss frozen perogies with some oil of your choice and toss with a couple spoons of this bbq rub. Then BBQ them on medium until lightly charred in spots and cooked through. Then when they’re done I toss with a bit more rub and some Parmesan cheese. Serve with sour cream with a bit more rub and cheese mixed in and scallions

NOTE: Also great on chicken or fish either roasted in the oven or for the bbq

PS from the loftys: we like it on our popcorn, just like the Cuddy's Salts lol



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