Cozy Oil Roller

Cozy Oil Roller

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Sweet Dreams Roller


All things cozy, relaxing and peaceful sleep. This aromatherapy combo is made up petitgrain, lavender, cedarwood and vetiver.


Petitgrain is extracted from the leaves and twigs of an orange tree. It is a sedative essential oil and is perfect for our sweet dreams blend. The hint of orange leaves you drifting off to sleep thinking of summer days.


Lavender is a flowering plant and is one of the most popular essential oil. It is a relaxing, soothing and calming oil.


Vetiver is a thicker essential oil and is grounding and comforting. This essential oil in this blend helps to make you feel warm and cozy.


Cedarwood is warming, calming and leaves you feeling peaceful thinking of warm days outside going for trail walk.


Add this sweet dreams combo as part of your night time routine or on your lazy Sundays. When using this blend, you can swipe it on your wrists, temples or the back of your neck.


Disclaimer: Aromatherapy is a compliment to modern medicine. The goal is to help induce relaxation, reduce stress and improve the bodies natural functions.