New Years Eve Ft: Toddlers + Babies

When your parents have a life of their own (meaning their own New Years Eve party to attend) it left us stranded with our toddler and baby at home... tragic?  boring?  asleep by 10? Not at all! Misery loves company!  We planned a late night steak dinner for us and our siblings (who share the same family ages as us).  We all made the most of our evening, toasting the night away with our favourite drinks, eating a delicious meal, spending time with our lil' stinkers, and even trying a new game (What do you Meme).  What could have been an epic fail of an evening, turned into one of my favourite New Years Eves to date.  An important lesson we're going to follow through with for 2019, make the MOST of every opportunity! 

Wishing you a very Happy New Year!

-The Lofthouse's

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