mini: market | Meet Local Influencer Noelle Martin


Name: Noelle Martin
Instagram: @motherhoodandmeals

In a nutshell, give us a breakdown of what you're about? 
I am a mom of three boys and a registered dietitian. I have a passion for educating and inspiring moms to make healthy choices for themselves and their little ones. I also love all topics related to being a mama! 
Why do you LOVE London?
It’s the perfect balance between big city/small town living. Access to incredible parks and restaurants but guaranteed to see someone you know at the grocery store!
We’re excited to have you attend our Mini Market! What about this event makes you want to attend?
Supporting local entrepreneurs is really important to me. I also love meeting new people and discovering new brands. 
Which genres attract you at vendor markets?
I love clothing, food, home decor, and jewelry. But I usually just end up spending money on my kids. Lol 
Overall, to our audience who is reading this, why should THEY attend the Mini Market along side you?
So many reasons!!! First and local and support others!!! There is so much value in seeing other’s dreams come alive and being part of helping them succeed. And you never know what new “must haves” you could be missing out on if you don’t go! 
Come hang out with Noelle and our amazing vendors Saturday August 11th at our mini: market!! 

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