mini:market | meet local influencer Britt Havens

Name: Britt Havens
Instagram: @britthavens 

In a nutshell, give us a breakdown of what you're about? 
I'm a mama with 3 kids under 5 and wife to an amazing man who I fell for when I was 18. I'm also a blogger and content creator on Instagram. I love sharing the day to day of motherhood and throwing in some of my other passions like style and home decor. Instagram has also allowed me to partner and collaborate with some amazing brands (from small shops to major companies) to create content and share some of our favourite products via my social media channels. 
Why do you LOVE London?
I love London because there is so much going on here. Recently, I feel like I've noticed a bit of an uprising in the area of small business/entrepreneurial and that's super exciting to me. I love that the city is green and beautiful and has everything you need. We also have the best tacos around - which I mean, that's enough for me to love a city right there. 
We’re excited to have you attend our Mini Market! What about this event makes you want to attend?
I love supporting local businesses. My husband and I both own businesses and know that the support of others is really important. It's also amazing to get out of the house and network/stay fresh on what's new in the London small business scene.
Which genres attract you at vendor markets?
Because I have three kids, I always have my eye out for cute kids clothes and items. I also love home decor pieces that are unique, on trend and make a big impact in a simple space like ours.
Overall, to our audience who is reading this, why should THEY attend the Mini Market along side you?
For all the reasons above! It's a win win. Showing small businesses the support they need and deserve and also grabbing some unique items for yourself or a gift for someone else. I always have a great time at these markets and love getting to walk around and take my time checking out the different vendors. 
Come hang out with Britt and our amazing vendors Saturday August 11th at our mini: market!! 

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