mini: market | Meet Local Influencer Alex Carruthers

Name: Alex Carruthers

In a nutshell, give us a breakdown of what you're about? 
I'm a life coach, spiritual intuitive + healing practitioner with a focus on helping women amplify their intuition and achieve their goals! I love all things spirituality + personal development. I also work part-time at Lofthouse Living and run our shop's social media account + website! I loveeee entrepreneurship. When I'm not busy working at both businesses you'll likely find me hanging out in Wortley Village where I live with my hubby, my golden retriever and 2 kitties. 
Why do you LOVE London?
I love how intimate the city feels. I grew up here so it's like a big small town to me! But there is enough going on here that it never feels boring. I also love the entrepreneurial spirit that's evolving in this city! There have been so many awesome businesses that have opened over the past few years and a real community of entrepreneurs coming together! I'm very excited to see this continue to grow! 
We’re excited to have you attend our Mini Market! What about this event makes you want to attend?
I love supporting small businesses and local entrepreneurs! It's amazing and refreshing meeting other creative people who are passionate about what they offer! Plus shopping from pretty things for me and my home is allllways fun!
Which genres attract you at vendor markets?
I love pretty things - so jewelry, clothes and accessories! I also love finding unique gems for my home. And I'm always shopping for thoughtful gifts for the people I love! 
Overall, to our audience who is reading this, why should THEY attend the Mini Market along side you?
Because there is so much creative and entrepreneurial talent in this city! And much of it will be hanging out at this event! I feel like sooooo many people only ever visit malls and big box stores here, which is a real shame! Get out of the suburbs and come downtown for this super fun event! 
Come hang out with Alex and our amazing vendors Saturday August 11th at our mini: market!! 

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