meet the canvas collection

When we discovered the Canvas collection by designer Tiffany Pratt, we knew we needed to carry it! 

With big pockets and the signature Japanese inspired bell draped canvas, the Canvas Collection gives all the room for movement, mess, and hauling goodies. TPCC is made to merge with your existing wardrobe and expand styling options exponentially.

Tiffany made this line with all in mind, graded to create realistically sized garments. The playful spirit of the line caught on and creatives and even restauranteurs made the garments their uniforms. Tiffany expanded the line, where she could get more creative with the patterns to add a little drama to the minimalistic design.

DIY Head to Toe. Art Everywhere.
Despite her exuberate style, the plain canvas gave a place for each person to get creative, and wear their work on their sleeve. Every piece was art. Tiffany collaborated with Hides in Hands to create unique moccasins to match back to the Canvas Collection. They are 100% Canadian Handcrafted and keep the quality and tradition of leather work alive.

Shop the Canvas Collection here. 

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