How To Keep Your Air Plant Alive

If you've popped into our shop over this past year you know we simply adore air plants! These fun little guys are a creative way to add a dash of green to any boring shelf or nook. They're incredibly durable and a super fun gift idea!
To get the most out of your air plant, follow these care tips!
  • Air plants LOVE light, so keep yours in a bright room. Indirect light is their favourite.
  • We recommend watering your air plant at least 1x per week (2-3 if it's in a super sunny spot). Dunking them in a cup of water and letting them sit in there for 10-15 minutes is ideal. You can mist them in between watering to keep 'em looking lush!


  • It's totally normal over time for the outer "leaves" to get dry. When this happens simply pluck them off, or trim. Don't worry they'll grow back in time with love + water.


  • You can display these guys almost anywhere! Hang 'em in a globe, create a DIY terrarium or simply place them on a shelf. You just want to make sure there that air can circulate through their home.


  • Name your air plant and talk to it! This might sound a little loony tunes, but plants (just like people) respond super well to love and encouragement.

Enjoy your air plants! And feel free to pop into the shop with any air plant questions.

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